Tuyen Quang focuses on supporting agriculture, farmers and rural areas

The provincial People's Committee (PPC) has just issued Document No. 42 / TB-UBND noticing conclusions of the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Mr. Tran Ngoc Thuc at a conference held by the Steering Committee of Tuyen Quang's Agriculture, Farmers and Rural Areas Support Project (TNSP project) in 2017.

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After listening to the summary of the TNSP Project Finalization Report, which was presented by the team leader of the consultants, participants contributed opinions to the report. Thuc concluded as follows:

For the TNSP Project Finalization Report: The PPC appreciated all the results the consultant group has gained, and also appreciated the participation of local government, province and agencies in drafting the report. The province agreed basically with contents of the draft report. On basis of the opinions at the meeting, the consultant group shall complete the report as its contents and timing required by IFAD. The contents of the report should be highlighted with the difficulties and challenges of Vietnam's rural areas at the time of project design, analyzed and evaluated with what the project has obtained, such as the outstanding achievements, relevance, effectivity, sustainability and lessons learned. The agencies, units and members of the Steering Committee and District People's Committee (DPC) are required to coordinately provide and add data and contents asked by IFAD and consultants to finalize this report. The Coordinating Unit of TNSP was asked to collaborate with the expert team to finalize the Report and present it at the Project Review meeting in the fourth quarter of 2017.

For the rest of TNSP’s activities:  all the units were asked to complete the businesses as shown in recommendations of the draft, specifically:

Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) continues to complete the MOP-SEDP process and maintain the MOP-SEDP working group as well as to assist the districts in carrying out annual planning under the MOP-SEDP's method that has approved by the PPC. The DPI has also to continue maintaining the PCI working group and carry out its activities to improve the business climate, strengthen the implementation of investment promotion programs, and increase the provincial PCI. 

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The assignment of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) is to underpin and maintain the working group in value chain. Updating and finalizing the action plan to upgrade prioritized value chains which are based on researching market  and analyzing value chain. The successful models and the best methods that have been implemented in programs supported by TNSP project should be replicated and  institutionalized.

The task of Provincial Farmers' Union (PFU) is to complete the action plan for supporting cooperatives. It is necessary to have  mechanisms for the business and skilled farmers so that they can provide technical services for the cooperatives involved in agriculture.

Provincial Women's Union (PWU) is required to  effectively implement the solutions that have been approved  as the "Strategic Plan of the Supportive Fund for the Development of Women in the Province of Tuyen Quang (WDF) during 2016-2020". Implementation of the solutions basing on maintaining and developing the fund.

District People's Committees: The task of relevant  agencies is to strictly implement Decision No. 1772 / QD-UBND dated 20/12/2016 of the PPC issuing the Strategic Plan for ending the TNSP. Replicating the project's innovative methods and tools,  Communal People's Committee (CPC) is required to carry out annual MOP-SEDP planning and integrate resources of programs and projects. The relevant agencies need to cooperate with PFU and DARD to underpin and support cooperative teams in maintaining their activities, market connection, production and business development.

In order to design project namely “Agricultural Business Development Adaptable To Climate Change”  in Tuyen Quang province, the task of the Provincial TNSP Coordinating Unit is to work with the ministries and central branches, IFAD Vietnam Office, DPI, Department of Finance, DARD, DONRE and DPC to complete the project proposal and submit that to the Prime Minister for an approval.

Translated by Tien Do Revised by T.H Referred to: doingoai.tuyenquang.gov.vn

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